世界コスプレサミット (World Cosplay Summit)

The World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Aichi is an event where fans of Japanese animation from around the world dress up as their favorite anime characters and parade around the streets of the city. It culminates with the World Cosplay Championship, pitting teams from a number of countries as they show off their costumes and perform stage shows in tribute to their favorite anime characters.


[TWITTER] 120912 SE7EN (@officialse7en): 

2NE1 concert @ yokohama!!! Make some noise~~

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[TWITTER] 120901 @YGEXStaff:

Also right now, it’s the post-concert meet&greet photo session together with the members! The YGEX staff sneaked in it too!

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[OTHER] 120727 2NE1’s New Profile Pic on their JP Website


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べとべとさん (Betobeto-san)

Betobeto-san is an invisible spirit which follows people at night, making the sound of footsteps.